team Irelynn to cure DBA

Become a Team Irelynn Volunteer!

  • Its a great way to have fun, meet new people and support Team Irelynn’s fight for a cure.
  • The success of Team Irelynn is due to the dedication of volunteers like you.  We need your experience, commitment, energy and ideas!
  • Become a volunteer and help coordinate local fund-raising events, blood drives, energize college campuses, raise political awareness, and become involved in the medical community.
  • Whether it’s selling tickets, gathering donations, securing sponsorships, contacting government officials, or putting together one heck of a college party, become the lifeblood of our mission and make lasting friendships in the process.
  • It’s a fact that there are two reasons why people volunteer their time:
    – To do something worthwhile in the community.
    – To be part of a group where their time and talents are valued.
  • At Team Irelynn you can be an essential part of our mission!
  • Our volunteer program offers a fun, challenging and exciting way to become part of a community effort.  We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers of all ages and talents to lend some time.  We’re small and personal and your efforts really count!
  • Join Team Irelynn – your contribution will make the world of difference.


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