hi-im-irelynnHey! I’m Irelynn Rose!

You’d never know by looking at me that I’ve required 113 blood transfusions in order to survive!

I’m 7 years old!! Momma says I’m 7 going on 17! I enjoy playing with my “Nana” who’s my big sister, being outside catching my chickens, jumping on the trampoline. I also like to be a girly-girl and wear jewelry and put on lipstick and being fancy is a favorite of mine. I’m a very normal, active and sassy little girl! I’m in 2nd Grade and enjoy learning at school and socializing with my friends while there. You’d never know by looking at me that I’ve required a blood transfusions every month in order to survive. You see, my bone marrow doesn’t naturally make red blood cells. I was born this way, but my parents and pediatrician all thought I was a normal baby. I’ve had 113 blood transfusions to date!

I gave them a huge scare when I was five weeks old. I began vomiting, quit eating and started grunting all within a short period of time. Mommy took me to the pediatrician’s office to see what was wrong, and the doctor rushed me to the emergency room next door. I was in heart failure with a hemoglobin of 2.8 (normal is 10 or above). This is when we found out I have Diamond Blackfan Anemia, or ‘DBA’.

I have a port that is used to administer the blood through. His name is “Bumpy”. I will proudly show him to you, located on my right rib cage, if you ask to see it. Going to see my hematologist, “Dr. J.” every few weeks is just part of my schedule. I like him very much, and I’m quite good at charming all the nurses. ~Actually they adore me! 😉 I do very well with the pokes and don’t even flinch! I’m a trooper every time I go to get blood or have to get stuck. 🙂

I’d like to thank you if you donate blood. Blood donations give me LIFE and without selfless people donating, I couldn’t survive. Did you know that only five percent of eligible Americans actually donate blood?! One pint of blood can save 3 lives! I encourage you, if you’ve never donated blood, to start today. Do it for me, do it for others. A favorite saying of my parents is: “You may not be dying to give blood, but one day you might be dying to get it.” Thanks for taking a look at my page and helping support our cause. We hope to raise money and make a difference and give it to the doctors and scientists that need funds to research DBA. In my lifetime, I sure hope to conquer DBA!! With my parents help, and yours I intend to! And, that’s my story. 🙂 Please watch my video below my Daddy made of my life. It is in honor of my 100th blood transfusion.


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